Prome Agribusiness

Foreign trade

Our work program

Our work protocol enables us to guarantee exportable commercial quality grains.

The distribution of the production in the different areas of the country, according to the characteristics of each crop,enables us to offer a complete service to the producer, including the placement of the grains in the national or international market.

  1. Choice and study of the environment: taking into account soil parameters and the climate of the area, our agronomists make a careful selection of the land and begin to outline the integral work plan according to the seed selection.
  2. Soil preparation: in order to ensure a correct planting bed, tillage or the use of adequate inputs is recommended for the correct start of the crop.
  3. Productive planning: the correct design and planting density is recommended, based on each crop and each environment.
  4. Monitoring and control: during the crop cycle, Prome’s technical team performs permanent control evaluating the presence of weeds and insects that may affect production. Before taking any control measures, the economic damage thresholds are evaluated.
  5. Harvest: according to the type of crop and the demands of the market, the input of drying and the method of harvesting areevaluated.
  6. Standardization of the process.
  7. Marketing: our commercial department gives answers to the producer about the merchandise obtained, both for the internal and external markets.
Prome Agribusiness Our work program