Prome Agribusiness

About us

Our company is entirely committed to agricultural business. It therefore counts with great experience in this field and it has built up an extensive professional career prioritizing knowledge and the search for continuous improvement.  Our main challenge is to accompany each producer with the sowing of special crops in order to obtain good value and traceability of the merchandise.

This integrated programme enables us to develop different special crops.  By following this work plan, the producer is guaranteed a profitable business, by producing quantity and quality, standardizing processes, as we closely monitor all the different stages, from the initial recommendation of the necessary inputs to be used, the harvesting and marketing modalities, all the way to obtaining and exporting the grains. We count with extensive experience in the management of different crops and knowledge of the demand worldwide. We work with strict standards of quality, innovation and technologies that allow us to ensure the use of healthy, environmentally friendly, and sustainable products throughout the entire process (production, process, storage and transportation) of our business.

We have a team of committed and competent professionals who are constantly updated on all our processes. They are at the forefront when implementing the use of state-of-the-art technologies, the search for a genetics that surpasses the varieties we offer, the use of environmentally friendly inputs, and reliable methods when handling all our merchandise processes.

Today we have established a solid, reliable and committed structure with our producers, with the environment, with the community and with our customers.