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Summer crops


This crop easily adapts to different types of environments, stands out in adverse situations and has a very short production cycle. Highly efficient in its use of water. This product has an important global demand stabilizing its price over the years. The use of modern, erect, healthy varieties raises the yield per hectare produced.


A product of high interest in international markets. Its agronomic characteristics make it a crop to be developed in the north central area of the country where rainfall is scarce. Its success depends mainly on the use of an appropriate variety and agronomic management.

Pisingallo corn:

A very delicate crop of very high value. It boasts an important demand in the domestic and international markets.

Winter crops

Green pea:

It is an interesting crop tohave as part of a sustainable rotation, allowing to capture value in areas with favourable winters.


An aromatic plant, with the ability of providing stubble in winter coverage.Rustic Low implementation costs with good economic results in years of high demand. The seed preserves its germination power overlong periods of storage.


A vegetable of high nutritional value. Its production has a high response to applied technology. It can easily adapt to different agro climatic environments of our country.


The Linseed plant produces one of the richest seeds of high nutritional value with regards the demands of the new seed consumption and specialties market.

Red Dark Bean:

Short-cycle beans: 95 days from sowing to harvest. It has an excellent performance in crop quality. It is a very high profitability crop.


Crop developed as raw material for aviation biofuel. Europe is its main marketing destination. It is a rustic plant, with powerful roots and exuberant biomass. Excellent contribution as a service crop.

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